Arranged by Norwegian Computing Center in Oslo
New venue: Norwegian Computing Center (map)

5-6. November 2019

COHIBA usage

COHIBA is a fast and accurate tool for making deterministic and stochastic surfaces. It is used by oil companies for surface modelling on oil fields all around the world. Since the first release in 2007 COHIBA has evolved significantly and now exhibits advanced features like the ability to predict optimal well trajectories and to update surfaces directly in the structural model.

In this workshop we will discuss different aspects of COHIBA, and see how COHIBA is used to solve a range of problems depending on the field maturity: From volume uncertainty in the early phase, to cleaning up well data as more wells are drilled, and to the conditioning on horizontal wells for fields in production. COHIBA is a key building block in many ensemble (big loop) workflows. An important part of the workshop is to let industry partners show how they have used COHIBA to solve their every-day surface modelling problems.

The workshop covers the following main topics:

  • Theory
    Modelling principles and statistical methods that COHIBA is based upon.
    • Depth conversion
    • Conditioning to horizontal wells
    • Volume estimation with spill point conditioning
    • Using cross validation for decision making
    • Analyzing and understanding the COHIBA output
  • Case studies
    Various applications of COHIBA on real fields.
  • Latest features
    Recently developed features
    • Repositioning of wells
    • Depth conversion using velocity models linear in depth (linvel)
    • Surface modelling directly in fault blocks
  • Future development
    Plans for further development of COHIBA.
    • Conditioning on data from Deep Directional Resistivity measurements (DDR)
    • Subsidence and compaction

There will also be made time for discussions



Participation: 5000 NOK. This fee includes two lunches and one dinner.
An invoice is issued after the workshop.

The workshop is now closed for registration. If you would like to attend, please contact us by email and we will try to accommodate you.


If you have questions about COHIBA or the workshop, please contact:

Pål Dahle
Ariel Almendral Vazquez